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Franchi Pompbuks airsoftgeweer


Onze Pompbuks van ASG is een mooie replika van een Franchi

Franchi REF15913 shotgun replica

The spring-action version of this replica was made of durable plastic. The set includes four cartridges which are loaded with 6mm BB pellets. Thanks to the four RIS rails we can attach additional equipment on the replica, equipments such as: optical sights or tactical flashlights. The specially designed pouch thanks it put on the replica allows to carry the BB pellet loaded cartridges within the reach of the hand and makes it possible to load the replica quickly.


The replica’s muzzle velocity is just enough for training skirmishes. Additionally, the replica was equipped with an adjustable Hop-Up system thanks to which it is possible to individually adjust the BB pellet’s trajectory.

    The set includes:


– the replica,
– four shells holding 14 BB pellets each,
– a speed-loader,

mooie replika van een Franchi. Kompleet  met magazijn en speedloader


Heckler & Koch G36 C IDZ


De nieuwe G36 met verbeterte gearbox voor meer power en alle orginlene markings net als bij de echte en natuurlijk


Jing Gong 0512MG A47 AEG Airsoftgeweer Metal Gearbox V.3


JG 0512MG replica

The JG 0512MG is a version of the famous Russian assault rifle. The replica’s body, stock and pistol grip are made of plastic. The elements that are made of metal are the minor elements ( inter alia the tactical sling attachment points and the rear iron sight ) and the outer barrel.

The well-made high quality gearbox ensures a trouble-free operation of the replica  while the properly fitted barrel and hop-up system assembly guarantees good results, both if it comes to accuracy, range and repeatability of 600 shots p.minute

The replica is equipped with a RIS rail system that is situated in the place of the front grip and covers the top, bottom and sides of the replica. This allows the attachment of additional optical equipment or the tactical grip that is included in the set.

The set includes: 

– Replica
– Magazine
– Battery
– Battery charger

– Manual

Jing Gong G069 M5 AEG Airsoftgeweer



JG069MG submachine gun replica

The replica”s components are made from plastics and metal. The stock rail, front iron sights, fire mode selector, magazine release and the trigger are made of metal. Magazine box and two sling mounting points are made of steel. Adjustable length of the stock allows the user to adapt the replica to his or hers physique and preferences. Small size of the replica makes it perfect for operations in urban areas and in small, confined spaces. Replica”s battery is located inside the front grip.

The replica includes a hi-cap type magazine holding 250 pellets.

The set includes:

– Replica
– Magazine
– Battery
– Battery charger
– Ramrod
– A test pack of pellets
– Manual

Jing Gong Sniper 376 S met Scope 20 x 20


Snipergeweer met  , richtkijker en speedloader en basic tools

The JG company’s sniper rifle replica is made of metal and plastic. The whole body is made of plastic while as the barrel, the bolt carrier, the trigger mechanism, the cocking handle and the upper body is made of aluminum. The replica is equipped with a top RIS rail which allows the attachment of optical aiming devices.

Kalashnikov AK 47 wood


Prachtige echt lijkende replica met orginele markings van Kalashnikov en unieke serial-number. Met echt houten lijkende kolf en foregrip



Schmeisser AR-15-Tactical AEG Airsoftgeweer Stuntprijs !!!!


Deze replica is een 1:1 schaal model. Het model wordt gebruikt door de US Navy Seal. Het pakket is violledig uitgerust met dot,  lader, accu, demper , handvaat, etc. De kolf is uitschuifbaar. Daarnaast is het model uitgerust met R.I.S. waardoor toebehoren makkelijk op te bouwen zijn.

Snipergeweer P288 met Bipod


P288 Sniper Rifle Replica with Bipod – Black

let op rail is 24 mm

A sniper rifle replica by AGM made mostly of polymer is an excellent proposal for a beginner airsoft player that desires to familiarize oneself with replicas of this kind. Metal parts include the internal barrel, bolt carrier elements and the charging handle. Remaining elements were made of polymer. This model has a polymer bipod mounted under the barrel, an adjustable, rubber stock pad as well as an adjustable pad located beneath the stock. The top of the replica features a RIS rail that enables the attachment of optical sights.

Due to the replica’s length, it can be disassembled into two parts, which makes its transport easier. Once two hex screws have been loosened, using a hex key included in the set, the replica is divided into the barrel with the trigger box and the cradle with the stock.

The set includes:

– replica
– bipod
– speedloader with an adapter
– test BB pack
– assembly screws and screwdriver
– cleaning rod
– magazine