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AEG Double Eagle M85




Deze op schaal 1:1 AEG Double Eagle is een echte replica van de M85/G36 machine geweer. De M85 lijkt, voelt, weegt en funktioneert als een echte geweer. Deze Double Eagle is uistekend geschikt voor instappers en bovendien is het pakket vol uitgerust met accu, lader, silencer, tool, kogeltjes en electronic sight.




Snipergeweer P288 met Bipod


P288 Sniper Rifle Replica with Bipod – Black

A sniper rifle replica by AGM made mostly of polymer is an excellent proposal for a beginner airsoft player that desires to familiarize oneself with replicas of this kind. Metal parts include the internal barrel, bolt carrier elements and the charging handle. Remaining elements were made of polymer. This model has a polymer bipod mounted under the barrel, an adjustable, rubber stock pad as well as an adjustable pad located beneath the stock. The top of the replica features a RIS rail that enables the attachment of optical sights.

Due to the replica’s length, it can be disassembled into two parts, which makes its transport easier. Once two hex screws have been loosened, using a hex key included in the set, the replica is divided into the barrel with the trigger box and the cradle with the stock.

The set includes:

– replica
– bipod
– speedloader with an adapter
– test BB pack
– assembly screws and screwdriver
– cleaning rod
– magazine