Airsoftgeweer JG0452 Mac 10 sub-machinegun met demper


JG0452 sub-machinegun replica 

The sub-machinegun replica is made of high quality plastic. The replica’s body is made of plastic while as the foldable stock, the barrel, the tactical sling attachment point and the magazine are made of metal.

Just like the original firearm, the replica allows to shoot with semi-automatic and full-automatic firing modes. The replica is equipped with a functional hop-up system to which you gain access by opening the dust cover. The application of the Hop-Up system allows to improve the replica’s performance by extending and stabilizing the BB pellet’s trajectory. The metal magazine holds 450 BB pellets.

The replica is delivered with a sound suppressor which is the characteristic and recognizable construction that is designed for the MAC-10 type replicas.

The set includes:

– the replica,
– a magazine,
– a sound suppressor




Technische gegevens van het model:

Type                            SMG Short Machine Gun
Model  JG0452
Kaliber  6 mm
Materiaal  Metal/ ABS
Max in Magazijn       450 kogeltjes
Werking  Hop-Up Adjustable
Systeem  AEG
Schietmodus  Single/Auto
Kleur  Zwart
Hoogte (mm)  –
Breedte (mm)  –
Lengte (mm)  240-400
Gewicht   1380 gram ( met vol magazijn en accessoires)


Geleverd in het pakket:

Airsoft Model                Jing Gong 0452
Aantal Magazijnen  1
Aantal Kogeltjes
Lamp  –
Laser  –
Red Dot
Accu  ja
Lader  ja
Scoop  –
Loop Reiniger  –
Demper ja

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