Amoeba M4 008 EFCS black compleet met Lipo en lader

269.00 incl. BTW


Dit is een complete set met lader en Accu . Bij de meeste airsoftdealers zit deze niet erbij dus goed de prijzen vergelijken !!

U kunt deze ook zonder lader en lipo krijgen voor € 239,-

AM-008 carbine replica

A series of the latest Amoeba Airsoft replicas is based on a well-known design of AR type assault rifles, however these replicas have been considerably modified and enriched of many constructional details and interesting technical solutions, which improve not only their functionality but also their look.

The replica”s receiver was made of strengthened nylon. Quality of the materials used results in the fact that it is very difficult to recognise on the first sight whether it”s plastic or metal. Effective signs of a model, calibre and Amoeba Airsoft”s logo were engraved on the receiver. Metal was used to produced the outer barrel, the front-sight, the flash hider, the stock tube and some small pieces. The pistol grip, properly shaped, covered with scrabrous non-slip texture which improves grip and comfort. The magazine release button was enlarged in order to make its usage easier.

The replica was equipped with a telescopic regulated SF type stock, which allows to adjust its length to individual preferences of a shooter. The battery can be placed inside the stock and tube. The stock has a two-side QD suspension socket. Access to a hop-up system regulation is achieved in a standard for this design way – by pulling the charging handle and opening tjhe shell ejector.

The all-purpose 22mm RIS rails are situated on the front grip and on the top of the receiver, thanks to which the replica may be fitted with a wide range of additional accessories, from a scope to lighting and tactical grips. The rifle has iron sights – flip-up type aming devices mounted on the RIS rail.






Technische gegevens van het model:

Type                              AEG Amoeba
Model  M4
Kaliber  6 mm
Materiaal  Nylon-Fibre
Max in Magazijn       300
Werking  Spin up Adjustable
Systeem  AEG
Schietmodus  Single/Auto
Kleur  zwart
Hoogte (mm)  –
Breedte (mm)  –
Lengte (mm) 670-750
Gewicht   2080 gram


Geleverd in het pakket:

Airsoft Model                Amoeba M4
Aantal Magazijnen  1
Aantal Kogeltjes
Lamp  –
Laser  –
Red Dot  –
Accu  ja
Lader  ja
Speedloader  –
Scoop  –
Loop Reiniger
Demper  –

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