Buckler Picatinny Raiser for Red Dot Sights

8.95 incl. BTW

Picatinny Raiser for Red Dot Sights 

Buckler is a brand that based on the experience of countless shooters introduces to the market the most optimal solutions in the field of optics and firearms accessories. Their goal is to continuously strive to improve their products and introduce new ones that meet the needs of every, even the most demanding of users. When making a purchase you can be sure that your product will have undergone numerous tests and it is ready for a long-lasting usage.  Buckler – by shooters for shooters. 

A Picatinny raiser intended for opto-electronic sights.

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Technische gegevens van het model:

Type                              Picantinny Rail voor red dots
Model Buckler
Montage      22 mm rail
Kleur  zwart


Geleverd in het pakket:

Model                                         Picantinny Rail