Original Colt M1911 A1 H.P.A. Metalslide Airsoftpistool tan Op = Op !!!


Colt M1911 A1 H.P.A. met Metalen slede . Top product met echte Colt markings


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The 1911A1 came out in 91. It is an 80 series. Colt decided to produce this gun due to requests for a more “traditional” 1911A1. They started serialization in sequence where they left off their WWII era guns. Springfield Armory, Auto Ordnance (junk), and Federal Ordnance had GI style pistols on the market and were enjoying some success with them. The Norinco 1911’s were also real popular at this time. Some were magnificent, some were a nightmare. Colt was using the flat plastic mainspring housing and plastic triggers on their pistols, except the Gold Cups during this time and included them on the 1991A1. The 1911A1 also has a lowered ejection port and a very slightly beveled mag well, and the thumb safety is the “newer” style. The recent 1911A1’s are excellent quality, very tight and a thick jet black park job. The Springfield 1911A1 GI is a more accurate WWII era piece, and is also a great gun.


Technische gegevens van het model:

Type                             Colt
Model  M1911 A1 H.P.A. Metalslide
Kaliber  6 mm
Materiaal  Metaal/Slide
Max in Magazijn       12 kogels
Werking  -bax
Systeem  Spring
Schietmodus  Single
Kleur  tan
Hoogte (mm)  –
Breedte (mm)  –
Lengte (mm)  217
Gewicht  540 gram


Geleverd in het pakket:

Airsoft Model             Colt M1911A1 H.P.A. Metalslide
Aantal Magazijnen  1
Aantal Kogeltjes
Lamp  –
Laser  –
Red Dot  –
Accu  –
Lader  –
Slinger  –
Speedloader  –
Scoop  –
Loop Reiniger  –