Snow Wolf 10 KT Sniper Airsoftgeweer Silencer

119.95 incl. BTW

SW-10KT Sniper Rifle Replica

A spring-action replica of a sniper rifle. It is a bolt-action replica, which means that it has to be reloaded after each shot. The forend with the stock were made of a durable polymer. Metal was used in the manufacturing process of such elements as the barrel, trigger guard, bolt carrier, magazine well and the charging handle.

Once several assembly screws are removed, the replica can be disassembled into two parts: the barrel with the bolt carrier and the forend, which makes transportation of the replica that much easier.  The stock has a comfortable, rubber pad. It has an adjustable length, which allows to adapt it to the body type and User preferences. The replica is equipped with a top RIS rail located above the bolt assembly of the replica and enables the attachment of various optical sights. 

The muzzle device of SW-10KT is a long silencer. 




Technische gegevens van het model:

Type                                        Airsoftgewee
Model  Snow Wolf 10KT Silencer
Kaliber  6 mm
Materiaal  ABS/ Metaal
Max in Magazijn       25
Werking  spring
Schietmodus  single
Kleur  olijf
Hoogte (mm)
Breedte (mm)
Lengte (mm)  1120
 Gewicht  1940 gram


Geleverd in het pakket:

Airsoft Model                                             Snow Wolf 10KT Silencer
Aantal Magazijnen  1
Aantal Kogeltjes
Speedloader  ja
Rail ja
Loop Reiniger
 Draagriem ja

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